Try These 8 Easy Marketing Strategies to Make Your Brand More Popular in 2022

Marketing Strategies to Make Your Brand More Popular

Importance of Digital Marketing Nowadays

It is a tedious task to promote your brand in this digital era, especially for new businesses. The reason is simple. There are already unique brands in the market providing the best quality affordable services to their consumers. If we look back 100 years, things were not like this. There was not so much saturation in the market as it’s now. If there was a graphic designer, he was very prominent in society. He had the celebrity kind of respect and recognition. Now there are quite a several graphic designers. They are all struggling daily to be better at their work to get better jobs and pay.

It is the era where you need to improve yourself at work daily or become obsolete. New technologies are coming to markets rapidly. To know the importance of digital marketing in 2022, consider marketing itself has become a business. If you can help companies grow, whether online or offline, that’ll pay you well. See in the below screenshot how much digital marketers are earning in 2022.

Is Digital Marketing hard?

It can look quite tedious if we look at all this; however, it’s not. It’s like when we see a fifty-story building and think how someone could make such a thing. How can someone see down from such a height? If you have acrophobia, you might get these thoughts. But for someone who knows how to do that, he does it.

Similarly, keeping pace with the market development in your specific field isn’t frustrating and challenging if you naturally like to do that. It might be initially, but it will become easy as you work consistently and improve yourself at what you do. Ensure that you do, you like it, and not only do it because it pays well.

Let’s learn how we can make our brands popular in 2022. This blog post will teach you eight easy and effective marketing strategies you can use to market your brand in 2022. Know that every marketing strategy doesn’t give immediate results. It’s not like you do something today and expect to see the results the next day. However, some marketing ways give fast results. We will briefly cover both marketing types in our blog post.

However, one crucial thing that can attract people immediately towards your brand is the logo. Your brand should have an excellent logo that can attract people. You can reach out to any affordable company that provides you with a high-quality logo design for your business.

1. Reach People Out through SMS

According to Shopify, SMS marketing is a more accessible and effective marketing tool than anything. Everybody uses smartphones nowadays. What’s easier than reaching each other through their cell phones? However, people don’t consider SMS marketing authentic because of scams and frauds. Many scammers send people’s calls and messages to do fraud with them. People only take those companies’ SMS from established brands like Pizza hut, McDonald’s, etc. They send discount offers, new meal suggestions, and such messages to their consumers.

However, you can try it as well. Even though it’s easy, it’s technical as well. They don’t expect your messages from your mobile number. That’s not the professional way to do it. These companies use an application to send bulk messages. You can reach out to a marketing expert and tell him you want to do SMS marketing professionally, and he’d guide you through it. People might not take you seriously through SMS marketing at the start. However, ensure if someone looks forward to purchasing your product or service, give him the best you can. That’s how you would make an excellent reputation for your business in the market.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The foremost crucial digital marketing aspect people look forward to in this era is search engine optimization. Ask yourself! What do you want to know about a sure thing? You type its query on the search engine, and it shows you a list of links that takes you to different website pages. If you scroll at the end, many search engine results in pages. Who do you think puts these websites on the results pages? Why are some pages at the top and some on the fourth page? What are the criteria for all this? The answer to these questions is search engine optimization.

Search engines work on algorithms. These algorithms keep changing, and search engines officially don’t tell anyone what algorithms they use. Digital marketing experts have studied and given us a pattern of these algorithms. And according to that, they make their content rank on top. Keyword usage, backlinks, readability, domain authority are essential for good SEO.

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In the early days, people used many black hat techniques like keyword stuffing, which is the excessive usage of a keyword to rank their content. They used to rank their websites high doing this. However, now search engines have become wise. Directly, if you do such things, they can penalize your website. Similarly, buying backlinks and all such practices needs to be avoided. We suggest hiring an expert search engine optimizer, and he’ll help you rank your website high in SERPs.

3. Video Advertising

Video advertising is an evergreen marketing tool. Some marketing ways or strategies might become obsolete, but videos are nearly impossible. We have been using videos since they were first made. Videos are way more effective than any other marketing tool because they involve people. And videos are easier to watch than to read anything or listen solely. Can you recall some of the current or childhood moments when you watched an advertisement on television and became obsessed with either the ad or the product or both? The good thing about ads is that if we make them good enough, people love the products and services it promotes and loves watching the ad. You might see old TV ads on YouTube, and in the comment section, people are still watching those ad videos. That’s how effective video advertising is.

Moreover, there are various kinds of videos you can make for advertising. Depending on the service or product you want to market, it can include whiteboard videos, cartoon videos/animated videos, typography videos, and motion graphics. It has become easier to do video marketing nowadays by making these animated videos. You can make them via free online tools like Canva. You don’t need to become a videographer for that. However, your work can lack professionalism and creativity. Therefore, it would help you hire an expert for video advertising. You can reach out to companies that offer video advertising services.

4. Social Media Marketing

You can look at this Statista report to see almost everyone using social media. According to Statista, the number of social media could be increased too in 2022 to 4.41 billion. Social media marketing is best for both small and large-scale businesses. According to a report, TikTok, a social media platform, has surpassed Google and Facebook in traffic last year, 2021. People don’t leave their cell phones, especially kids. However, it’s not a good thing. You can use social media marketing to promote your business in the most effective ways. There are many ways to promote your brand on different social media platforms.

You do it in two ways. First is making your own company’s page on social media platforms and posting regular and quality content on them in a way that ranks. The second is you do paid advertising. You might have seen tweets on Twitter that have written beneath them promoted. Moreover, you’d need to hire an expert copywriter to write social media ads. Excellent copies are essential to grab people’s attention. It acts as a salesperson.

Moreover, social media algorithms prefer less text-based and more infographic-based ads. So it will help you if you choose to make colourful and appropriate ads. We also refer to it as guest blogging. Search engines prefer articles with good quality backlinks, showing that your website has quality content. That’s why big websites are mentioning you. It also increases your website’s DA (Domain Authority), which is good for SEO.

5. Influencer Marketing

It is a modern form of hiring celebrities to promote a product. Big and established brands hire celebrities to promote their products and services. Instagram has made random people sort of celebrities. You will see lots of Instagrammers who have a big audience. These influencers are from various niches. For example, some are makeup artists, some are musicians, some are fitness models, etc. You need to find an influencer related to your niche and ask him to promote your brand’s product and thus making your brand popular.

These influencers’ charges vary. Influencers with more followers, receive more likes, and have a vast audience will charge more. You can find these social media influencers mainly on YouTube and Instagram, mainly on Instagram. If you get to work with influencers on both platforms, we recommend you do it to increase your brand awareness. However, it also depends on what style influencers promote your content.

6. Email Marketing/Newsletters

Emails are very effective in marketing, and you can create them quickly, too, nowadays. You need to write the content with a beautiful email template, and you will get a friendly response from your customers. However, this is the second place where you need to hire a copywriter again. Because to grab your reader’s attention, you need to have excellent writing to sell. If you can do it yourself, that’s good. If not, then hire an expert copywriter. It makes email a highly effective tool for marketing in every industry. Whether it’s cosmetic-related or a food-related email, it is very effective. You might have seen McDonald’s promotional emails sent to your inbox. If you’re a foodie, don’t you feel like opening the McDonald’s and ordering the food you see? It is an example of email marketing.

7. Give your customers Free Gifts.

Whether it’s about business or other relations, the tremendous importance of quality matters significantly to people. Many companies use this strategy. You can also adopt it. When someone buys from you, make sure you give him a ‘Thank you note, with his name written on it.’ It might look ordinary, but it matters a lot to customers. If they get the quality products and services and such affection, they will become your loyal and regular customers. They would never prefer someone else over you in the same niche if you give quality services and affection.

Moreover, you can send them seasonal gifts as well. For example, if you have launched a new perfume, you can send them a free small perfume sample bottle with a personalized letter with the customer’s name on it. It will bring many customers to your business who will be your loyal and regular customers.

8. Google Business Profile

Last but not least, do your business on Google Business Profile. Not only is it good for SEO, but it also helps people find details about your website and business quickly. It gives a piece of quick, detailed information about your business on the right side of Google. The information contains your office/shop’s images, location, address, your company telephone number, and people’s reviews as well. It tells a person everything he wants to know about a shop except the detailed services information.

Final Words

So we have learned the importance of digital marketing in 2022 and the reason for its demand. We also talked over whether digital marketing is complex and excessively competitive and concluded that it’s subjective. The person who enjoys doing it finds it easy despite being very competitive. To summarize the marketing strategies that we just learned, here’s a quick overview for you:

  1. Send SMS to people about your business. It’s the best way to market your brand.
  2. Search engine optimize your website.
  3. Make video ads for your business.
  4. Use all social media platforms to promote your business.
  5. Hire influencers from Instagram and YouTube to promote your products and services.
  6. Send weekly or monthly newsletters to the people who subscribed to your email list.
  7. Make your Google Business Profile.
  8. Send your customers gifts.

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