How To Break Up With Someone? Ways For A Smooth Breakup

how to break up with someone

It might seem a little weird if you find someone searching the internet to know how to break up with someone. However, breakups are nothing alien in today’s society. In fact, we see so many relationships breaking up around us. But, the fact that it is a common occurrence, does not mean that the process of breaking up is an easy process. In fact, if it were an easy process, then people would not have looked for safe ways for breaking up. While planning to break up, couples should look for a way that is not painfully sad and awkward. Moreover, any form of miscommunication also needs to be avoided.

There are many factors that make breakups difficult. One such factor might be the emotional link that the couples shared with each other’s families. Yet another factor might be the emotional attachment between the couple. On another level, we might not want to hurt our loved ones. Therefore, if you feel like breaking up, it will never be an easy job for you. But, there is no way in which a break-up may be a perfect affair. However, if you are the one who is going to make the move, there are a few steps that you can definitely follow in order to make the move as smooth as possible. If you are really looking for ways to break up in a healthy manner, then this article is a perfect stop for you. Therefore, keep reading the article to know how break up with someone.

Ways for a Healthy Breakup

These are the few steps that you must consider while breaking up:

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Know Your Mind

The moment that you think of breaking up, give your thoughts a second glance. If you are facing doubts and issues with your relationship, it is important to share those with your partner. In fact, out-of-nowhere breakups can result in tremendous shock. So, it is always better to communicate your doubts and issues with your partner, before choosing to move on. In fact, we have seen many relationship issues getting resolved through healthy conversations. After sharing your issues with your partner and after a proper conversation, if you think that you want to break up, then you may go for it.

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Plan Your Words Carefully

Once you decide that you want to break up, it is also important to plan your words carefully. Give yourself time and space for thought and meditate on what you would say to your partner. This will also help you determine the tone in which you will communicate with your partner. The best way here is to write down your words in a proper logical and rational order. Also, remember to keep your words neutral, non-accusatory, non-blameful, compassionate, direct, and honest. In addition, it is also important to keep the conversation focused on the relationship.

Know Your Limitations

Here limitation means that you have no control over the reaction of your partner. The best way is to acknowledge that. However, planning your steps and words beforehand can help you ensure that your words are received in a positive manner.

Communicate The Bad-News Directly

It is always advisable that you communicate your decision to break up face-to-face with your partner. It is definitely a tough job. However, doing this gives out a message that you really care for your partner’s feelings. However, if you feel that your safety might be hampered, then avoid face-to-face communication.

Be Prepared To Listen

Even if you are the main mover, be ready to listen to your partner. Also, be prepared for a number of reactions and mold your response accordingly.

Share Some Positive Sentiments

Though the focus of the conversation will be on breaking up, it is always important to share a few positive sentiments. It is important to remind your partner how he/she made your life beautiful. This will help in keeping things healthy.

Concluding Lines

These are some steps that you should follow if you are looking for how to break up with someone. However, there is nothing called “perfect breakups”. Therefore, accept that and try to make your breakup a healthy experience.

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