How to Start Podcasting? Learn The Steps

How to Start Podcasting

Nowadays, podcasts have become pretty popular among people of all ages. Often there are many inspirational podcasts that we listen to. So if you are wondering how to start podcasting, there are a few steps that you need to follow. Well, you need not worry as they are pretty simple.

At times, podcasting can be confusing; however, we will make it easy and simple for you to understand. This will help you create your audience and even start and scale a business. So let us share with you all the details regarding how you can begin podcasting.

What Are The Steps You Need To Follow To Start Podcast?

So here, we have outlined the entire process from start to finish and how you need to go about it. The following steps will help you to learn how you can start podcasting. However, before you start recording and watching tutorial videos, you need to follow these steps and prepare the stuff. Let us take a quick glance!

Choose a Podcast Topic You Can Commit To

As you know, podcasting takes some work; you have to make sure to spend adequate time choosing a topic that excites you. For instance, it can be something that has more than three episodes worth in your head. Remember, it must be something that’ll keep you going for the long run.

So you can create a list of twenty-five episodes and list the ideas for the podcast topic you have in mind. In fact, you can include potential guest names as well, whom you can interview in your podcast.

Pick an Eye-Catching Podcast Name

In everything we see, firstly, we tend to notice the title of it. Therefore, it needs to be eye-catching. It will be the first thing they will notice in your podcast before they listen to a single word of your show.

All this info goes into your podcast host when you set up your show there, and you can always change anything related to your show. If you are confused, you can check out other podcast shows and take ideas.

Write a Compelling Podcast Description

Your audience will naturally be eager to know what your podcast show will be about. So make sure you include a compelling description. This is very significant as it will let the audience decide whether they want to hear the show or not. So make sure it is pretty convincing and out-of-the-box.

Decide On Your Podcast Format

This is one of the most important aspects of your podcasting show. So before you start recording, you must be sure what format your show will follow. Is it going to be an interview show or a solo show? If you prefer having guests in your show and making them share their experiences with the audience, you can set up the show’s format accordingly. However, if you prefer to do it solo, you can also do that.

Also, make sure you decide on issues like the show’s duration and how often you tend to publish the episodes. They are sure to affect your podcast format.

Get Your Podcast Artwork & Music Created

This goes without saying that any podcast needs cover artwork and preferably good music. Your podcast will also need artwork—for instance, a square image representing your show. Since podcasting is an auditory medium, the graphical, visual element that represents your podcast plays a vital role.

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Moreover, your artwork is your podcast’s first impression. It is also what competes for attention with every other podcast that’s out there.

Purchase Your Podcast Equipment & Test The Software

Needless to say, there is a lot of equipment that you can purchase to start your show. So naturally, the prices vary from one brand to another. Firstly, you need to choose a good microphone to record it well. Also, make sure you test the software.

Select A Podcast Hosting Service & Start Recording

This is the final step that you have to follow to create your podcast. So before you start recording, you need to select a podcast hosting service. You must upload your Mp3 files to any podcast hosting company. There are a lot of such companies available, like Buzzsprout and others.

After you finish that, you can start recording the episodes using your equipment. Before starting, check all your equipment, especially the microphone. You are now all set!

So as we conclude, we can say that starting a podcast can be pretty simple if you follow the steps properly. Therefore, if you are worried about how to start podcasting, you can go through the above points.

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